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About Anou

Anou and Sasha

Anou and Sasha at the Breeder

Anou has a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of New Mexico where she wrote a thesis called HEALING ENVIRONMENTS: PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS IN ARCHITECTURE THAT PROMOTE HEALTH.  She is very concerned about health and the environment, and hopes to inspire her clients to use healthy materials and products in both their lives and their homes. Since receiving her degree, she has focused on establishing her own business. In 1993 she began offering manual drafting services to architects in Santa Fe. Her business has grown, and now she can also offer state-of-the-art, 3D parametric design and modeling. She has a certificate in Bau-Biologie, which certifies that she has knowledge of many alternative materials and building techniques that will not cause health problems or toxic buildings. She works fast and efficiently, and provides one-on-one services to her clients.

Anou’s office is fully equipped with the latest computer, scanning, printing and CAD technology.  She offers a full range of services besides 3d CAD drafting and design.

She has begun studies in interior design and also is familiar with Feng Shui cures; she offers remedial advice on interiors to those who are interested.

Her fine arts background keeps her designs fluid and interesting, and her background in health and alternative materials keeps them healthy. Anyone who gets to know her will find that she is responsible, dedicated and interested, and that along with her practical computer background, she has a wealth of information on alternative building materials and methods of construction.